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Modern equipment

We use only modern high-tech equipment, which allows for high-quality cutting of the roundwood, while receiving a core of high quality. We also select, size and sort by color. After that, the products are packed in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Storage conditions

The availability of high-quality refrigeration equipment allows Nutstar to store finished products, maintaining an optimal temperature throughout the period (up to +10 ° C). All our products have high quality, excellent taste characteristics and are safe for consumption, which is confirmed by the relevant documents and certificates.


Our company specializes in the processing and sale of the walnut kernel, sorted by size and color. We produce over 1000 tons of product annually. In this case, the main reference points in the work of "Nutstar" is the quality and wide range of products.

The finished product is packed in the appropriate container. The standard option is boxes made of five-layer cardboard, designed for 10 kg. Also, we sell products in vacuum packing (5 kg) or cardboard boxes (2.5 kg).


All Nutstar employees have extensive experience in the processing of walnuts and regularly improve their knowledge and skills.